Neutrinos and (g)astrophysics in large-scale structure

Dec 1-2, 2016, Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics

This workshop aims to foster discussion about theoretical descriptions of large-scale structure that include massive neutrinos (or other light particle species) and "gastrophysics" (baryonic processes operating on galactic and larger scales). Likely topics include perturbation theory or halo model approaches to the modeling of correlation functions, the effect of baryons and neutrinos on the distribution of dark matter, methods for cosmological simulations, and the importance of these effects for the interpretation of current and upcoming cosmological datasets. Presentations by experts on these and other topics will be supplemented by discussion sessions among all participants, with ample time for breaking out into smaller groups.

Due to the limited capacity of the workshop venue, registration will be limited to 45 participants.

Invited Speakers

Uros Seljak (Berkeley)
Marilena Loverde (Stonybrook)
Roman Scoccimarro (NYU)
Marcel van Daalen (Berkeley)
Neal Dalal (Urbana)
Enrico Pajer (Utrecht)
Yacine Ali-Haïmoud (JHU/NYU)

Local organizing committee

• Daan Meerburg • Marcelo Alvarez • Sandrine Codis • Phil Berger
• Xin Wang • George Stein
• Simon Foreman • Joel Meyers • Derek Inman • Ue-Li Pen • Dick Bond