I am a CITA post doctoral fellow working on cosmology and the large-scale structure of the Universe. For my PhD I worked at as a de Sitter fellow in Leiden, the Netherlands at the Observatory and the Lorentz Institute for Theoretical Physics. My reseach focuses on how to constrain dark sector models using galaxy clusters, weak lensing, and gravitational waves. In addition to my scientific work, I have also had the chance of interacting with experts in the fields of global health and dance.

Science Projects

Galaxy clusters/ data & theory

Contigiani, Hoekstra, Bahe 2019 - Contigiani, Vardanyan, Silvestri 2019 - Contigiani, Hoekstra, Bahe 2021
lensing code - symmetron code

The boundary between recently accreted material and collapsing material around dark matter halos directly probes the dynamics of dark matter on cosmological scales. I work on 1) measuring the associated feature (splashback) using weak lensing, and 2) predicting the effects of dark energy models on this feature. I am also the PI of a wide-field photometric survey of around 40 massive clusters. The goal of the programme is to produce stringent constraints and to study of the phenomenology of splashback through comparison with N-body simulations.

Gravitational waves and large-scale structure/ forecast & theory

Cañas-Herrera, Contigiani, Vardanyan 2019 - Contigiani 2020 - Cañas-Herrera, Contigiani, Vardanyan 2021 - Garoffolo and Contigiani 2021
GW magnification notebook

I work on two different aspects of the relation between GWs and the LSS: 1) the propagation of gravitational waves in the Universe is affected by structure along the line of sight, and 2) known gravitational wave sources are located inside galaxies, a biased tracer of the same structure. I work on the formalism used to study these effects and the information content of the spatial correlation between merging binaries and galaxies.

Other Projects

Antimicrobial resistance

Nigeria report
Haiti scripts

I am interested in applying my analytical skill to public health challenges. I worked on hospital acquired infections in low-resource settings and their connection to outbreaks of antibiotic resistant bacteria while advising epidemiologists working for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders). In addition to analyzing data and creating models for outbreak warning systems, I also developed and helped deply a software designed to monitor the data quality of a clinical surveillance system used in Anka, Nigeria.

Cosmology and art

Open Space 2021 - 60 in realtime

I am interested in art as an outreach tool and I was involved in two projects at the intersection between dance and science. I participated in a theater performance centered on the concept of time (60 in real time) as an expert guest; and I was part of a Nederlands Dans Theater workshop where cosmologists, coreaographers, dancers and composers worked together to combine their creative processes (Open Space 2021).

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